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The need for the hour is to maximize the true potential of data. SignOn Analytics Data Management & Analytics Consultancy Services help businesses across the globe learn insight from unrealized opportunities in this data-driven environment. Our solutions for data management & analytics provide a comprehensive value chain that creates concrete business insights and delivers them. As one of the leading data analytics firms, we offer data processing, data engineering, IT & visualization, data science, marketing analysis, customer analysis, sales analysis and competitive knowledge analysis.

As one of the leading consulting firms in the field of data analytics, SignOn uses cutting-edge analytical tools to gain useful insight. Our specialist’s analytical skills help companies anticipate emerging business opportunities and growth opportunities. We help our customers maximize the true data potential.

Data Governance

Enabling organizations to take the lead in data-centric and data-driven decision-making with strong practice and industry-efficient processes to promote data intelligence through data stewardship.

  • Compatibility and enrichment of data allows for data integrity and quality improvement, digital development and operational efficiency
  • Proactive data protection and data asset regulation assurance, privacy and compliance
  • Implementing data catalogs and data literacy allow strategic efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Automation and de-duplication of data to improve data consistency and tactical repair

Data Engineering

Covering a comprehensive range of technological drivers that are necessary to fully capitalize on enterprise data resources through a systematic approach to enterprise data test management and data engineering

  • Develop pipelines to migrate data from pre-existing databases, warehouses and several sources from batched data and stream data to a data lake
  • Using scalable and effective commercial data intake systems or open stack combinations to perform data intake
  • SQL and noSQL database data collection
  • Develop scratch data pipelines or use the services of major cloud platform providers
  • Unstructured data management with NLP-based algorithms and automation of data pipelines with PySpark, Brick, Snowflake software
  • Document and analysis storage knowledge mining (BERT, Knowledge graph-based taxonomies)

BI & Visualization

  • Experts in developing and deploying applications for data reporting on leading platforms including Power BI, Tableau, Oracle, QlikView and Microstrategy. Managed reporting services
  • Dashboards and viewing: Create dashboards for decision-making by gathering large quantities of data into intuitive graphic stories, and creating visualizations that gather information in clean, easy and usable formats.

Data Science

Robust Big Data analysis services, with overwhelming adoption rates, which help extract value from your data, irrespective of your place on your data and analytics journey. SignOn Data Analytics tools provide a broad range, from insights and modeling to ML and AI, of analytical work required for your business.

  • Predictive analytics: Predicting future patterns and events using structured and unstructured data such as tastes, trends, turnover of customers, next best steps, customer engagement effect, viral events, etc.
  • Machine learning: Use the new algorithms to derive value from vast and complex data, such as device recommendations, dynamic pricing, etc.
  • Projected: Consumers ("freemium" to "premium"), video views, demand, sales and shipping are expected to enhance operations and planning
  • Text Analytics & NLP: Get useful insights into text data – e.g., subjects, emotions, content enhancement, satisfaction with customers (CSAT) etc.
  • Optimization: In a particular decision system the identification of optimal expense, margin or revenue is e-marketing spending; resource improvement.

Marketing Analytics & Digital Analytics

SignOn’s data-driven marketing analytics solutions help maximize marketing ROI across various brands

  • Predict ROI and calculate marketing efficiency
  • Understand industry dynamics and feelings of customers with critical insights from social media data
  • Develop and improve multi-channel attribution models to achieve the most productive marketing channels
  • Generate a 360-degree view of customer behavior to launch custom campaigns and offers

Customer Analytics.

SignOn’s customer analytics services provide a holistic view of your existing and prospective customers.

  • Analytics helps recognize, attract and retain customers to boost profitability
  • Evaluate customer actions and use segmentation to concentrate on the relevant audience
  • Increase customer engagement with hyper-personalized offers and increase investment returns
  • Identify the right and appropriate clients

Sales Analytics

The sales research tools of offer robust insights into the market to promote business excellence.

  • Optimizing territorial management techniques and using the best tools to boost sales team efficiency
  • Predicting revenue and demand opportunities in a specific way to encourage coverage
  • Maximize productivity and returns by analyzing the performance of sales teams and developing effective incentive strategy
  • Optimize sales costs by controlling and evaluating the efficiency of sales teams

Competitive Intelligence Analytics

With Analytics', business intelligence analysis, gain competitive insights into consumer loyalty and customer voice.

  • Implement corrective steps to monitor future customer turnover, with an appreciation of the key drivers of consumer satisfaction
  • Stimulate your brand promotion by assessing consumer feelings that boost services or product characteristics
  • Enable tactical decision-making over business functions with intuitive views and an interface between the user.
  • Feature & Service benchmarking : Make decisions about service enhancements for product and engineering team, launch/upgrade Features & Services
  • Top trends: Devise marketing and contact quality strategies
  • Goal segmentation of customers: Expand sales intelligence with competitive knowledge supplied by vertical sector (IT, Manufacturing, CPG, Healthcare, etc.) and business community (Large Business, SMBs)

Natural Language Processing

High volumes of unstructured data available in the form of texts, conversations, topics, sentiments, and customer interactions are processed using advanced tools and algorithms that anchor on the natural usage of language in human interactions.


Hr analytics

  • Drive the business forward in the millennial age
  • Transform your company culture into an experience that attracts and retains talent
  • SignOn helps you transform your raw HR data into a strategic asset that provides insight into what your employees need.
  • Stay ahead of the workforce revolution through our dedicated workforce analytics consulting services
  • Analyze performance of recruitment channels and maximize the value of those resources in your organization
  • Give your HR department the power of predictive analytics, reporting tools and dashboards it needs to make smarter decisions, and play a more collaborative and strategic role in improving business outcomes

Operational analytics

  • Integrating data to achieve a single view of operations data
  • Routinely collecting unstructured data to improve data quality
  • Using external data to enhance insights
  • Having a high utilization of operations data
  • Turns integrated data from all sources into actionable insights
  • SignOn’s operational analysts provides powerful data modeling and predictive analytics that create real-time business value

Outcome-based analytics

  • Manage your business using data driven decision making
  • Customizable daily, weekly and monthly reporting from SignOn’s analysts, you will enjoy access to key information and stay on top of emerging trends.
  • Gain a better understanding of current performance
  • Get a clear view of where your business could make improvements.
  • Make informed decisions about the best ways to move your business forward
  • Data driven decision making will lead to greater success.

Fraud and risk analytics

  • Harness cutting-edge Big Data techniques such as machine learning and predictive analytics to calculate the percentage likelihood that a claim is invalid based upon the use case and the behavior of specific customers.
  • Leverages a REST API that data scientists and developers can use to integrate behavioral data as it relates to users, items/use cases, and actions
  • SignOn’s data scientists are adept at overcoming the bottlenecks posed by static lists of diagnosis codes through the use of table driven analysis whereby health insurance plans can mine data from those codes that are indicative of medical malpractice and flag them for reporting and tracking over time

Model risk management

  • Continuously improve operational performance while effectively managing risk.
  • Improve your operations to face the future with confidence.
  • Model Risk Governance Framework: assess frameworks, policies and procedures, perform gap analysis and develop road-map to improvement
  • Model Development: develop models to address a wide range of issues including credit risk, operational risk, market risk, AML and financial crime, stress testing, and forecasting
  • Model Validations: perform independent model validations to ensure model risk is properly understood and well-managed
  • Model Audit Support: provide internal audit teams with in-depth support in areas such as data selection and processing, the model conceptual soundness review and performance testing, and reporting
  • SignOn helps develop and validate models used to project credit losses, revenues, income, allowance, risk-weighted assets and more.
  • AML Model Risk Management: realize real ROI in developing and administering a model strategy that seamlessly integrates into broader AML programs


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Data Engineering

Data present in various platforms, lakes, and clouds are identified, processed, cleansed, and compiled through engineered infrastructure consisting of data pipelines and systems that streamline data paths ensuring that it doesn’t lose granularity and value.


Business Intelligence And Visualization

Complex algorithmic calculations and relationships are established and executed to derive meaningful insights buried deep in piles of data which is further transformed into visual illustrations that are easily comprehensible using tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableaux, and Qlik.


Natural Language Processing

High volumes of unstructured data available in the form of texts, conversations, topics, sentiments, and customer interactions are processed using advanced tools and algorithms that anchor on the natural usage of language in human interactions.

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