Our Approach To Your Problems

With the continuous development of the technical landscape, quicker time to market, delightful customer service develops an atmosphere for continuous evaluation and evolution. You need someone to look forward in time to look after your current digital properties.

Common Concerns of Businesses

It is normal for companies to face many issues. Some of them are here:

  • Vulnerable business data on applications
  • Server connection failures and sudden bugs
  • Risk in data driven decisions
  • Deal with continuous cyber crimes
  • Hiring maintenance team under budget

Our Approach

Considering your common and specific challenges we respond accordingly:

  • Information network security management
  • Monitoring of applications on a regular basis
  • Governance, risk compliance assessment
  • Digital forensics cyber crime management
  • Skill assessment and providing dedicated teams

Our Software Application Maintenance Services

Looking for the best-in-class device maintenance providers for your complex app fixes? For all of your repair and service needs, we have the best solution. We cover all forms of application maintenance, from adaptive, corrective to perfect maintenance, so that you can remain relieved of the additional responsibility that is not your strength.

OS & Server Migration

We review your IT plan, available resources, technology and other key IT transition aspects. We review current applications in your business and suggest whether changes or system conversion are needed for your business.

  • Windows to Linux migration
  • Operating system updates
  • Application server migration

3rd Party Maintenance

Our application maintenance team employs a range of strategies to detect and provide support services for problems with your applications.

  • Technology advisory services
  • Full stack security and vulnerability support
  • Tax, regulatory, and compliance update

Bug Fixes & Task Tracking

We make sure that your ongoing task goes on and simultaneously fix bugs of the stable software.

  • Pre-support audits and breaks fixes
  • Full support for standard code, and interfaces
  • Enhancement, service pack / tools installs

Application Maintenance

We take care of your digital products and suggest you the best suited platforms, versions and other enhancements. Our web & mobile application maintenance services include

  • Version upgrades and enhancements
  • Performance testing & monitoring
  • Performance tuning/optimization

Devops Solutions

DevOps automates software delivery processes and ensures the scalability and security of infrastructure for large companies and start-ups. Maintenance and assistance programmes from DevOps include:

  • DevOps testing services
  • DevOps configuration management
  • DevOps consulting services

Pre-Support Audit

The pre-support audit encourages timelines and regulatory enforcement, minimizing add-ons that push up the cost of growth.

  • Version upgrades and enhancements
  • Performance testing & monitoring
  • Performance tuning/optimization

On Demand Maintenance Team

Our software maintenance and support team of experts is exceptional in their ability to solve the software issues and ensure easy functioning.

  • Perfective maintenance
  • Adaptive maintenance
  • Scheduled maintenance

Our Software Application Maintenance Forms

You are looking for the right repair providers for your complicated app corrections? For all of your repair and service needs, we have the best solution. We cover all aspects of application maintenance from adaptive, corrective to perfect maintenance, so that you are relieved of extra responsibility.



The operational roles of your applications can be modified through our adaptive maintenance & support services.



>Our competent software management and maintenance team makes software corrections and can fix any errors quickly.



>We perform a documented review and recommendations for constructive process change based on evidence and experiences.

Approach To 3rd Party Application
Takeover & Maintenance

Signon.ai is a pioneer in creativity and full-scale service delivery when it comes to carrying out third party device acquisition & maintenance. We combine our more than 5 years experience in technology with excellence in managing software applications to ensure that your business app remains completely customized.



  • Safe data transfer from the current IT team to Signon.ai
  • Architecture and code audit
  • Related documentation audit
  • Functional & performance testing with results analysis

Remedy Activities

  • Immediate bug fixes
  • Performance and functional tuning
  • Missed documentation replenishment
  • Further improvements planning

On-demand Support Service

  • Scheduled and on-demand updates
  • Issue tracking and cause removal
  • Backup and recovery

Why Signon.ai For Application Maintenance Services?

There are several reasons why we are one of India's fastest growing software firm. Our unique approach and years of software maintenance experience makes us one among the world's most favoured application maintenance organisations. Here are some valid reasons why you should hire SignOn for you projects:

  • Highly Creative Motivated Teams
  • We Understand Business Needs
  • Quality Security Adherence
  • Your Ideas Are Safe With Us
  • First Time Right Process
  • Innovation Is Guaranteed
  • Result-Driven Approach
  • Co-Development Teams
  • DevOps Enablement
  • In-Depth Domain Knowledge
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Integrity &

Grow your business.

Creating the right business model requires you to combine data analytics, automation & optimum software development.


Automation and Analytics are the holy grail of SignOn, primarily focusing on problem solving.

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