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Marketers face an everyday challenge to give enough quality content daily. Even more concerning the challenge is whether the content is original or not. But we all do know that content marketing works well for everybody if the content posted is genuine and worthy of reading, leading to more brand value and recognition. With new competition, changes in algorithms and with data/information getting vast, content marketing gets very difficult. How do we keep content marketing alive?

Hiring a content writer:

Creating sustainable content will take up time unless you hire a dedicated content writer who solely focuses on producing content. With this in mind, it is easier to produce content regularly. Make sure the content has enough power to change what the customer perceives.There are dedicated content marketing tools to help organize and maintain a content production schedule to help you out.

Crowd Sourcing internally:

Getting content from parts of the organization who are very close to the industry and customers such as from the customer service, the CTO, and the sales team is a good practice since it includes all the ideas from a different viewpoint. It might not work at first, as it is not that well-coordinated but once it's mastered all the opinions are ruffled up together to create a well worthy content for the readers.

Outsourcing externally:

Another practical way to produce good content is by outsourcing content from outside of the organization. Outsourcing is not as expensive as hiring an in-house content writer just for the company. Ample of writers can be found with a different skill set and it is something that can be tried with little commitment.The only drawback to this is that the person that will be hired outside the organization will know little or nothing about the organization. This decreases the chances of fulfilling the objective of writing the content and may not even reach the right audience, even if it does, it's not going to be effective.

Collecting user-generated content:

A customer's journey using various products/services, or if a customer requires a product, their grievances, experiences etc., all sum up to make good analysis for content. User-generated content is mainly used in the B2C sector rather than the B2B since B2B users lack a passionate and vocal consumer base who will not take out time to produce good content.

Licensing content:

Licensing content from media outlets onto your website/blog is another option. This is the best option for organizations that have less or no time in their hands and want immediate action, regardless of the budget.

Curating other people's content:

If none of the options above works out for you due to various reasons like budget or time constraints then curating content will be the only loophole. Curating content helps you in organizing and sharing content based on your topic. Here you share a small brief of the original text with your comments and link redirecting to the original one.


The survival of content marketing depends upon how you mould out a good content marketing strategy. These pointers will surely give you a heads up onto how you can sustain content in this digital era. Drawbacks and challenges are a part of everything, but with time and trials, you can expertise in these content marketing examples listed above.

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He is reachable for consultation on jaidev.c@signon.ai


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