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One of the biggest hitches at the success of marketing is the leaking bucket. In marketing, the leaking bucket would be the situation where a marketer doesn’t know which of its marketing investment is paying back.

The problem had been persisting for decades until the marketing game was all shaken up by the unique concept of performance marketing. This concept has been brought into play even more after businesses faced unpredictable consequences of Covid-19 pandemic.

In the end, all that matters is- how well your ads and marketing strategies are performing.

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing allows marketers to select an action that they want to be performed on their marketing efforts. The marketers then only pay for the specific action whenever it takes place. Today, the majority of performance marketing resources are integral parts of digital marketing.

Due to Covid-19, many businesses encountered losses and started looking for strategies to attain maximum outcome in less expense. Performance marketing lays out this possibility for them. It also drives them to create more efficient marketing campaigns to target their prospect segment.

Native ads, sponsored content, social media, or search engines- all you need to do is figure out where your target audience spends most of their time. You then need to create target ads for them while selecting the accurate frequency of an ad shown to them. (Too less goes unnoticed, too much becomes annoying).

The selection of a specific audience, their presence across different channels and how they respond to your ad, all these parameters can be inspected with the help of artificial intelligence. AI in digital marketing enables marketers to keep a tab on users’ actions.

AI in digital marketing plays a huge role in the success of performance marketing. Publishers provide various models of performance marketing where a certain action is payable such as:

Cost Per Impression/ Cost Per Mile: The advertiser pays a certain amount for a pre-defined number of views, for example, $2.80 per thousand impressions.

Cost Per Click:An amount that the advertiser pays to the publisher for every click they receive on their ads.

Cost Per Sales:An amount that is payable when a sale is generated through an ad. The cost in this model is notably higher than other models but it minimizes the risks.

Cost Per Leads:An amount is paid when a view becomes a potential customer and shows interest by signing up via the advertisement.

Cost Per Acquisition:An amount that the advertiser pays on the accomplishment of a specific action such as a sale, a click, or a form completion by a visitor.

There are different types of performance marketing that are trending among marketers. Here are some top performance marketing channels:

  1. Native Advertising
  2. Sponsored Content
  3. Social Media Advertising
  4. Search Engine Marketing
  5. Affiliate Marketing
Why Is It More Relevant Post Covid-19?

Coronavirus outbreak has broken the bones of so many profit-making players in the market. Companies that never tried to look at penny-level analysis of marketing expenditure have also started seeking proven marketing methods to gain improved ROI.

Performance marketing allows you to measure ROI on every dollar that you spend on your ad campaigns. You can analyse whether or not an ad campaign of yours is performing well and strategize accordingly.

Performance marketing elevates your digital marketing scheme while helping you in taking a calculated risk. Additionally, when you know how much you should invest and which channel you should aim for, you cut down the leaking budget that you were spending aggressively earlier.

After the lockdown phase that each country went through during the earlier months of this pandemic, there have been significant changes in people’s buying behaviour. With the necessity to stay home for safety, people are now buying every possible thing online. And with plenty of free time at hand, online platforms are the ones where they are spending their most time.

These facts show that with the help of precise marketing, relevant content, and adequate re-targeting, you can achieve your sales goals more effectively. Performance marketing is the real game-changer here.


The essence of performance marketing lies in the fact that the advertiser need not pay for anything that doesn’t benefit their brand. It equips them with the confidence of not wasting the hard-earned money on irrelevant ads that are not contributing to any profit. And most importantly it empowers them with the freedom of creating unique campaigns based on their target customers’ interests.

Hence, it brings more quality, more impact, and more business in less quantity of ads and less expenditure.

About the Author

Jaidev Chatanat is a thought leader in the space of marketing intelligence, customer service and digital transformation. He has been an advocate for applying the right digital transformative strategies and techniques for many decades for fortune 500 companies.

He is reachable for consultation on jaidev.c@signon.ai


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