A large Hospital chain implemented Signon CRM, sees a jump in query handling accuracy of pre-post Care by 30% & Post care Satisfaction by 20%

5 February 2020
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About Client

The client is a healthcare conglomerate with 10 hospitals in various cities in India. They have online and offline queries from an average of a thousand customers a day.

Problem statement

They wanted to streamline customer interactions both offline and online; queries they receive in order to generate good patient line up and solve issues resulting in better NPS (Net Promoter Score) The client needed a very secure and cloud-based CRM that would efficiently manage the relationship and bundle of data that they needed to forecast the types of issues that the patients raise post-care.


  • Knowledge Management- an accurate repository of queries were built and provided to all users so that is standardization in the way in which queries were answered
  • Accurate Query Handling- Right Query directed to the right team.
  • Resolution Mechanism & auto-trigger status messages to customers at each stage
  • Business intelligence dashboards

Configuration and Deployment timeline - 1 Months Study, 2 Months Deployment, 2 Months Transition Time to Go Live - 3 Months from Contract


SignOn helped in reorienting the focus towards meeting the needs of the patients. This client used the CRM to focus solely on streamlining the customer interaction to build a better relationship with the patients. They used the SignOn tool to come up with the following resolutions:

  • Reduced person dependent responses to customers increased query handling accuracy by 30%
  • Post Care feedback, Customer net promoter score (NPS) increased by 20% from 35% to 42%

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