Financial organisation increased visitor engagement & lead conversion using visitor tracking feature in SignOn Leadz

11 February 2020
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About Client

The financial institution has been playing a very proactive role in the growth of the economy of India. They have their branches all over India with services like wealth management, loans, Internet banking and so much more. They are a professionally managed organisation with brand recognition and good distribution reach.

Problem statement

Inefficient processing of the loans disbursed resulted in higher delinquency. Decisions were not easy for customers who borderline high risk. Hence, they wanted to automate the process wherein they could identify high-risk loans and determine the risk profile of the individual for specific actions to be taken then.


Once the risk profile of the individual is identified , the system would then call out the risk score . The risk score would be on the basis of loan disbursement.

  • Utilizing Cibil Score Integration to predict high-risk Loans: Integrating CIBIL score so that this financial institute can look at certain parameters to gauge the creditworthiness of the customers. Here, high score entails a higher amount and lower score entails a lower amount. This also ensures minimum documentation work and smooth borrowing process.

  • Social Media Listing to risk profile the prospects

Configuration and Deployment timeline - 2.5 Months Study, 4 Months Deployment, 2 Months Transition Time to Go Live- 7 Months from Contract


More in depth insights of customers were able to be drawn using various digital strategies that gave out promising ROI that could be measured and acquire more leads that were later on more likely to be converted to customers. The results were tremendous:

  • Rapid Speed to market for new products

  • Reduced loan defaults by 15% YOY

  • Increased customer rating by 30% on top 50% of issues.

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