Visualization Techniques To Tell Your Data Story

Data visualization challenges we solve

Not insightful reports

that force users to scroll through in an attempt to compare figures or spot trends. We agree that users should not spend time and money on seeking insights; instead, they should concentrate on making rational decisions. That is why, as an essential part of the reporting process, we consider data visualization.


Reports and Dashboards Bloated

No matter why – for example, too many visual elements, data visualization types or colors – reports and dashboards are difficult to understand. We carefully design our own, ensuring that trends or outliers are immediately recognized, colors are relevant, and types of charts are consistent.

Disregarded user roles

In order to focus all users on relevant data, we tailor reports and dashboards. Top management, for example, needs to remain on top of the data, and that is why we develop top-level reports and dashboards for them.


Unanswered Why?

We provide drill-down and filtering options for decision-makers so that they can look from various angles to answer their business questions. A manager, for example, can look at US sales in general, then rank them by state, then concentrate on those where sales are below the target.

Insufficient flexibility

We never restrict our clients to a desktop version. The design and development of clear-cut dashboards for Mobile users is also covered in our visualization services. We address data protection problems as part of this function, as well as deliver a special UI/UX design.



Data visualizations technologies

Data Visualization Services We Offer

Data platform development

Create a data framework to lay the foundations for your solution for data viewing. We help you:

  • Integrate data sources into a centralized repository.
  • Build ETL/ELT, OLAP, etc.
  • Set data protection and processes for data quality.
  • Establish rigorous reporting and visualization of data.

Reports and dashboards development

Amend your BI and analytics solution with visualization.For this, we generate detailed reports and dashboards for a variety of business users – from data analysts and CEOs to users without analytical skills and customers of a company.

Data visualization optimization

Tune the company performance visualization solution. In various architectural strata, we optimize it:

  • Data source(s).
  • Data model.
  • Visualizations (dashboards, reports, paginated reports, etc.).
  • Environment (data gateways, access controls, network, etc.).

Why SignOn?

The world's leading global brands, startups, agencies, and businesses depend on our custom application development services for the following reasons.

  • 5 years of experience in data storage service delivery, business intelligence solutions design and implementation.
  • 5 years in data analytics.

Language of the Mind - The Visual Ecstacy in
Insurance Industry

Any company that deals with a huge volume of data, data visualization is and will remain the ultimate tool for practicing its trade. Insurers in particular are bound to collect information, the amount of data they generate and collect is exponentially huge, with loads of complexities and disparate.

Insurers spend a lot on collecting data and storing them due to the mandatory regulations to be followed. But aggregating its data across functional silos, integrating internal data with third-party data, analyzing the data, and distributing the resulting insights to people who can take action on it has always been a herculean task.

SignOn focuses on helping decision makers with the visual stories to adapt to the changing environments and making insightful business decisions.

Grow your business.

Creating the right business model requires you to combine data analytics, automation & optimum software development.


Automation and Analytics are the holy grail of SignOn, primarily focusing on problem solving.

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