Data warehouse services by SignOn

Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS)

We give DWaaS on the basis of subscription fees, if you need versatile and safe storage to consolidate various sources of data without a DWH burden. We perform a warehouse for you to rent in order to fit into your research infrastructure:

  • Data warehouse configuration and development.
  • DWH integration.
  • Data migration and data cleaning.
  • Continuous support and administration.
  • On-demand DWH configurations.

Data warehouse migration

Do you want to replatform your on-site cloud data warehouse? Whatever your strategy: we can help you shift all your data or provide a hybrid data warehouse where, say, confidential information resides on premises and all the remaining data are transferred to the cloud:

  • Developing a strategy and timetable for migration.
  • Help pick the best cloud vendor.
  • Configuring the cloud cluster in a way to optimize costs.
  • Redeveloping a data warehouse on a new platform.
  • Transferring both master data and metadata to the new data warehouse.
  • Checking the accuracy of data to ensure the success of the migration.

Data warehouse consulting

Are you considering constructing a new data warehouse from scratch, renovating or upgrading your legacy solution as it no longer meets your needs?
Here’s how our consultants can help:

  • Get a new design for the data warehouse. Make sure your business needs are completely addressed by conducting interviews with stakeholders, evaluating extensively current infrastructure, data sources available and potential, forms of (whether organized or unstructured) data to save and analyze and more.
  • Offer a solution: cloud, on site or hybrid data warehouse.
  • Design data integration strategy.
  • Advise on data quality procedures.
  • Recommend the optimal technology stack.

Data warehouse support

The aim of our support activities is to keep your data warehouse the basis for useful insights (i.e., ETL processes are running correctly, data quality management is in place, new KPIs are calculated).
For that, we do the following:

  • Serve data management services: define rules to ensure safe, reliable data, incorporate new data sources and load new data, change ETL processes. "Data administration services"
  • Track your warehouse's efficiency and capability — query time, data transformation accuracy or data backup.
  • Impliment a contingency plan.

Data warehouse development

We model and implement data warehouse or the complete system consisting of a data lake, a data storage center, ETL processes (extract, transform, load), and online analytical processing cubes. We apply the most applicable development life cycle models such as Iterative, Incremental, Scrum, Intense Programming, Kanban, Waterfall to satisfy the project's specifications, timeframes, and budget.



Data warehouse technologies

Why SignOn?

We are both familiar with business intelligence and big data with 5 years of experience in data analysis. In addition, we can create independent data warehouse and incorporate it into the dynamic architecture of a big data solution.

We understand the value of high-quality, integrated data, as a provider of data management services and how to achieve it.

Benefits of leveraging Data Warehousing
solution are many

SignOn identifies business requirements to drive data warehouse architecture, including the business intelligence structure, comprehensive data modelling, an effective architecture for integration of the data from multiple sources and an optimum technology database framework to make it suitable for business intelligence and analytics.

  • Provides high levels of data maturity & clarity
  • Data Integrated from multiple sources
  • Provides Historical Intelligence
  • Provides a platform to speed up implementation of Data Analytics
  • Data Conformity and clean Data
  • Interoperates with On-Premise and Cloud
  • Enables empirical data-based decision making
  • Efficient & Fast Data processing and retrieval for Data platforms

Grow your business.

Creating the right business model requires you to combine data analytics, automation & optimum software development.


Automation and Analytics are the holy grail of SignOn, primarily focusing on problem solving.

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